Home Renovation Services

Kitchen Renovations

Renovating your kitchen is a great way to adapt to your lifestyle, create a more functional space with improved storage, add in some tech features, maybe throw in that new sink you’ve always wanted or a cool new faucet. Your kitchen is the centrepiece to your home and there are many benefits beyond what we have listed to a renovation! 

Bathroom Renovations

Time to renovate your bathroom? Leave it to the professionals at Homefront Builders. Bathroom renovations are a great way to improve safety, increase functionality, improve your homes energy efficiency and create a new, modern and fresh place for you to start each morning and end each night.

Basement Renovations

Basements are great for extending your living space and creating a completely new environment in your home separate from the rest. Basement renovations also help reduce energy bills, create a whole bunch more space and storage, and add value to your home among many other great benefits. 

Landscape Renovations

Landscape Renovations are the perfect way to really show off your style and personality while creating a new, warm and welcoming environment surrounding your home. Create a new space for you to have peace and relax, or maybe you want a new entertainment space for sunday football? The choice is entirely yours and the options are endless.